5 Classy, Modern Ways to Decorate with Hearts

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Hearts are a common theme around Valentine’s Day, but they can easily run the risk of looking tacky. For instance, you’ll see many Valentine’s Day décor designs featuring bright pink paper hearts, which are great for an elementary school classroom or a child’s room. However, if you want to take decorating with hearts to the next level, below are some high-class ways to incorporate hearts into your décor style. Also, a wonderful aspect to many of these designs is that they don’t necessarily have to be only for Valentine’s Day. You can decorate with hearts year-round if you do it carefully.

Decorate with Hearts Frame

Heart shapes make great art collages. Image: Busra Ispir / Shutterstock

Use Frames to Decorate with Hearts

Art collages are a classy way to get just about any look in a home. In the photo above, you can see how a small heart-themed art collage is a great way to decorate with hearts. These hearts are more bold, but feel free to work with muted neutrals to give a more modern look. Another idea is to use small accents of hot pink to keep it subtle, yet fun.

You might also try a gallery wall style using different-sized frames in random places for a more funky, modern look. You could also hang this design year-round, or you could easily hang and take it down around Valentine’s Day.

Decorate with Hearts Stick Design

Focus on texture to make hearts go perfectly with a room’s design style. Image: Tom Gowanlock / Shutterstock

Go for Natural Textures

Another idea to decorate with hearts is to focus on texture. An example is the photo above, where you can see the textured stick heart on the wall.

By focusing on different textures like this, you can incorporate hearts into any style. For instance, a metal heart could fit in with an industrial theme. A lace heart wall hanging could fit in with a Victorian theme. A distressed wooden heart could fit in with a country or other rustic theme. Or a basic outline of a neutral-colored heart could fit in with minimalist or modern homes. And it could work year-round.

Decorate with Hearts Tile Design

You can also redo tile to get a heart shape. Image: onsuda / Shutterstock

Get Creative with Tile

Speaking of ideas for year-round designs, the heart in the photo above is definitely more of a permanent fixture. The red heart on the dark background also keeps the design looking bold. Though you could do a neutral color with the heart to keep it more modern. And placing a large heart design in the middle of the wall would allow it to be a focal point.

You don’t have to just stick to the bathroom for this idea, either. You could also place a modern heart design in the backsplash of a kitchen. Hearts could even go on floor tiles. It’s a very versatile option, if you’re open to more of an involved remodeling project.

Decorate with Hearts Plant

Garden accents can make a classy addition to a space, indoors or out, as is the case with this Heart Plant Pot Decoration, Courtesy of Etsy.

Try Classy Garden Accents

Another idea to decorate with hearts is to use them in the garden, like in the photo above. Since Valentine’s Day is still on the cool side in most climates, however, you might want to use this idea in house plants. You can easily place gardening decorations in large potted plants.

The piece in the photo above is actually a great idea for keeping hearts on the more modern side, too. The rust texture gives more of an industrial look that combines well with brick textures. Yet the heart is very subtle and not too overpowering in the space like bold red hearts can be.

Decorate with Hearts Photo Collage

A heart-shaped photo collage is classy and can hang year-round. Image: Daniel Lindholm / Twenty20

Make a Photo Collage

The photo above proves you can creatively work a heart shape into just about anything. A creative photo collage like this is a classy way to use a heart shape. Forming family photos into a heart shape is also a cute, emotional way to display them.

You could either keep the photos plain or mount them onto a clean white canvas with a modern, minimal frame. So you could hang a piece like this in even the most modern and minimalistic of spaces. And going for a large design would make the collage an attractive focal point in any room.

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