How to Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Table Setting

If you’re planning a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure everything is just perfect. And even if you’re single, it can be fun to have a Valentine’s Day gathering just among friends. The best way to set the mood for the day is to make sure you have an amazing Valentine’s Day table setting.

There are several ways to go about decorating a table for Valentine’s Day, from bright pink accents to bold heart designs to classy Victorian-chic styles. Below are several ideas for getting the right Valentine’s Day vibe at your dining room table.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Neon Pink

Neon pink and white is a wonderfully chic color scheme. Image: Love, Thomas

Neon Valentine’s Day Table Setting

One of the cutest upscale ways to get a Valentine’s Day table setting is to go for bright neon pink shades. Neon shades give just about anything an uplifting, modern and artsy feel. You can see how some classy neon pink candles set the tone in the table setting above. Little accents, like the pink drink umbrellas and circles on the tablecloth, make the pink color well-integrated with the rest of the table. And by balancing the pops of neon pinks with plenty of white, you keep this concept grounded and chic.

Another great aspect of this style is how elegant, yet relaxed, it is. The neon pink and white give a classy look, but laidback elements like the drink umbrellas and flowers in jars keep the layout casual. This would be a good table setting for a gathering between friends or a very casual date.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Rustic Red

Make a table setting pop with bright accents of cherry red. Image: KayLovesVintage

Rustic Red Accents

Red is another great design choice for Valentine’s Day. Bright cherry reds really pop in a space and bring the whole area to life. Using red accents on a Valentine’s Day table setting is a wonderful way to celebrate the season in a bold and classy way.

One example is the table setting in the photo above, which makes use of some gorgeous rustic red accents. The old-style red lanterns help set a rustic tone, along with the wax-dripped heart candleholders. Added candles in votive holders keep this style on track, since nothing says rustic and romantic like plenty of candles. The red berries also keep things looking natural and rustic.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ruby Frog

Layer plenty of textures on top of each other for a classic look. Image: Willadsen Design

A Romantic Vibe

Another idea is to go very traditionally romantic. The table setting in the photo above does a wonderful job of layering different textures on top of each other. This creates a classic table setting.

The white, textured doily contrasts well with the woven red tablecloth. Different textures in the candleholders create plenty of visual interest. Little accents, like the pearls and rubies, give a very romantic, upscale feel. And the creative element of the jeweled frog adds even more character to this classic table setting. Classic dinnerware with a flower pattern rounds out the romantic tone. It would be a great table setting for the most romantic of dates.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Victorian Romantic

The Victorian look is all about a romantic feeling. Image: Comfy Dwelling

Modern Victorian

Speaking of going classic, you might also want to try a Victorian table setting for Valentine’s Day. What makes the Victorian style so applicable to this holiday is the use of romantic flower prints, which were common in the era. It gives you a wonderful excuse to incorporate plenty of pink flower prints into the dishes, like on the teacups and plates in the photo above.

The Victorian style is also one of timeless romance. It’s dominated by fine textures like lace and bold flower textures like bouquets. And by aiming for the lighter shades of white and pink, like in the photo above, you can keep this look firmly in the modern Victorian realm.

Valentine’s Day Table Setting Seaside Theme

Combine pink elements with seaside themes for a surprising take on the holiday. Image: The Home

Subtle Beachside Theme

Most people probably don’t think to combine subtle Valentine’s Day accents with a beach theme. But that’s what makes it so special and creative. You can see in the photo above how subtle pink accents combine with rustic pieces, like the driftwood candleholders and the classic lanterns.

The elements that could make this a Valentine’s Day table setting are exceptionally subtle, as you can see in the pink macarons and the pink candles. What this means is they don’t overpower the seaside theme. It’s a wonderful idea to use if you’re spending the holiday in a seaside resort and you want to make the night special.

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