2018 Design Trend Recap: The Year’s Most Daring Home Design Trends

It may be hard to believe, but it’s almost 2019. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to pause and look back at the last year at Freshome. We explored a lot in 2018. But what really made its mark? Which daring trends reshaped our homes – and maybe even our lives? Which have enough staying power to survive into 2019 and beyond? Let’s find out as we walk through a brief 2018 design trend recap.

2018 design trend recap - color

A black accent wall? Why not! In 2018, there were no limits when it came to color. Image: AMR Design

With color, anything goes

Yes, neutrals are still – and will always be – important. But 2018 invited us to blow the lid off our preconceived notions about color theory and have some fun. Jewel tones started making their mark on the scene, inviting us to amp up the saturation and give our spaces a feel of richness. Previously off-limits colors were welcomed into our homes. Black even set itself apart as a decidedly trendy and luxurious color for walls, flooring and cabinetry. And as we expanded our color palettes, we also expanded the way we use color. Gone are the days of a single accent color. In 2018, layering multiple different accent hues helped a room shine.

And beyond simply choosing which colors to implement in your home, 2018 was a year to explore where you use those colors, too. Often forgotten spaces like the foyerceiling and front door got new leases on life thanks to the drive to add vibrant and interesting hues everywhere in the home.

Feeling overwhelmed by the overload of color options? Don’t worry. We have a guide on how to balance bold colors to help you out.

2018 design trend recap - maximalism

When putting together rooms this year, designers started agreeing that more is more. Image: Jonathan Adler

Maximalism starts making its mark

No 2018 design trend recap would be complete without taking a dip into maximalism. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that home design seems to be trending in the direction of more. We just talked about how we started making our foray into more color. We also went for more pattern and texture, like eye-catching or moody floral wallpapers, interesting kitchen backsplashes and colorful grout. Maximalism is all about filling a space with things you love and that bring you joy, and we jumped on that opportunity in 2018.

Out of all the different home changes we’re exploring in this 2018 design trend recap, we think maximalism is the one with the most staying power.

2018 design trend recap - lighting

Your lighting fixture could be the most interesting part of your room. Image: Poliform Australia

Eye-catching lighting sets the stage

Sure, our parents told us not to stare at the sun. But in 2018, it’s been hard not to stare at the light – at least, the lighting we brought into our homes. Gone are the days of boring, basic lighting that just gets the job done. This year, we took pendant lights from simple to really something. Suddenly, you could find them in architectural shapes and mixed textures hung in new and exciting configurations.

And we didn’t stop with pendants, either. This year, lots of designers and decorators took risks with unique and funky lighting. Even the humble string light got a major upgrade and expanded usage this year. Some of the trends might not survive past this 2018 design trend recap, but some – like abstract metal chandeliers – are surely just starting to enjoy their time in the, ahem, light.

2018 design trend recap - industrial

This year, we blended the clean lines of industrial style with the softness of nature for more comfortable spaces. Image: ALL & NXTHING

Natural and industrial blend

In 2018, we finally started finding ways to marry our innate craving for nature with our love of the sleek simplicity of industrial design. That was thanks, in large part, to the concrete craze. All of a sudden, we were pouring cement for our countertops, floors, mantels and more. As a key element in industrial design, concrete lends an inherent sleekness even as it mimics natural stone. With concrete in place, we had our canvas to bring other natural textures into our homes, like greenery walls and roughly-hewn wood.

We also looked to plant life to soften the edges of industrial and minimalist spaces. Potted plants are having a moment, but you’re not limited by open floor space. Hanging and wall mounted plants trended in a major way in 2018. We even added greenery to our roofs. This year, we blended natural and industrial. Looks like we finally figured out how to have our cake and eat it, too.

What trends were you surprised to see Freshome cover in 2018? Which ones would you have liked to learn more about? Which ones did we skip in this 2018 design trend recap? Let us know! We’re coming up on a new year and are excited to explore 2019’s design trends with you!

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