Follow These 4 Tips To Successfully Move During Winter (And Make It As Pain-Free As Possible)

Making a move during winter isn’t exactly the most pleasant task, but sometimes it’s one that’s unavoidable.  No matter why you’re moving, it can be done. All it takes is a little extra planning and forethought.

With that in mind, we’ve brought you some of our best tips for how to move during winter. Read them over as you prepare for your big day. If you follow these tips, you should be able to complete your move without the weather getting in your way.

move during winter

Make a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Image: John Maniscalco Architecture

Plan around the weather

If you live in a seasonal climate, you know that winter storms can cause life to come to a grinding halt. The last thing that anyone wants is to have their already-stressful move delayed by inclement weather. However, unfortunately, it’s a distinct possibility when you move during winter. You need to have a plan in place so that you know what to do if it starts to snow.

If you’re hiring movers – which we highly recommend because heavy boxes and icy walkways are not a good mix – be sure to ask them what their procedures and policies are in case of a weather delay. If you’re moving on your own, have a backup moving day in mind in case your first one doesn’t work out. In either case, be sure to start earlier in the day since winter days are shorter and offer much less sunlight.


Take extra care when packing to protect your belongings from the cold. Image: Maple & Gray

Pack for cooler temperatures

In the summer months, packing for a move is as simple as placing your items in boxes with a little bit of padding and taping them shut. In the winter, however, the same packing process gets a little bit more complicated. You need to prepare for your items to be sitting out in cooler temperatures for hours on end and you need to contend with the possibility of wet weather.

Glass and porcelain items can break in the cold. Make sure you surround them with extra packing materials in order to keep them properly insulated. Electronics are particularly sensitive, as well. If possible, try to move them in their original packaging as those were made to handle transport. Then, once you get to your new home, move them in first to limit their time in the cold.

move during winter

Clear any pathways to the house for easy access. Image: Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Prepare the outside of the house

Before the movers arrive, prepare the exterior of your home to ensure that they can access everything safely and easily. If it’s snowed recently, be sure to shovel your driveway, as well as the pathways to and from the house. If it’s been cold and icy, you may also want to put down some salt or kitty litter to reduce the risk of a fall.

Most importantly, don’t forget to do the same for your new house, too. You don’t want to slow down the moving process by having the movers arrive with your belongings only to be unable to access the house. An hour or so before they’re ready to leave, send someone over to your new property to get it ready for the unloading.


Protect your floors from people tracking in ice and snow. Image: Christoff and Sons Floor Covering Inc.

Protect the inside of the house

Though you’ll want to clean your new home as soon as you move in, there’s no reason to make the job harder for yourself by allowing your movers to track in mud, ice and snow. In this case, asking people to remove their shoes before entering your home is unrealistic. Your only other option is to take measures to protect the inside of your home.

Your best bet is to designate one room of your home as a drop-off area and disperse your belongings to the appropriate spots after everything has been unloaded. You can then protect the floor of the drop-off room with a disposable tarp. Just be sure to secure the edges to the floor with tape so that there aren’t any tripping accidents.

A move during winter requires some extra planning, but with these tips you can easily pull it off.

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