These Are The Outdated Interior Design Trends You’ll Be Waving Goodbye To In 2019

Interior design trends are cyclical and, unfortunately, no trend will last forever. With that in mind, we decided to ask the experts what outdated interior design trends they think we’ll be saying goodbye to in 2019. If their predictions are right, the new year looks to be an opportunity for some big style shake-ups. Keep reading to find out which of your favorite trends are on their way out and which are still going strong.


The era of grey everything is about to end. Image: Milan Design + Build

Grey shades

“While there has been a bit of a craze for the color grey, I think this is likely to die down and stay that way for some time. The sometimes-bland color palette of a grey room doesn’t work as well as it used to.”

–  Charlie Worrall, Designer, NGI Design 

Though it may be hard to believe that the era of “grey-everything” is coming to an end, it’s finally happening. In 2019, people are craving neutrals with more personality. If you’re looking for a neutral that will please the masses in the new year, go towards warmer tans and browns. Alternatively, a stark white can also be used to create a look that’s still on-trend.

accent furniture

Metallic accent furniture is on its way out. Image: Alexander Pollock Interiors

Metallic accent furniture

“One home trend we can kiss goodbye is metallic accent furniture. Gold and silver settees and accent chairs are being traded for jewel tones in suede and velvet. We’ll still see a presence of metallic in tabletop decor, but it’s disappearing from furniture trends.”

– Erin Fausel, Lifestyle Blogger at American Freight Furniture & Mattress 

Like it or not, metallics seem to have fallen out of favor. In gathering quotes for this post, we received several submissions about rose gold alone. If you want to switch out your metallic pieces for something a bit more current, we suggest opting for natural materials. In particular, green and sustainable design has been gaining popularity recently.


The tide has changed on tropical design. Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Morrocan and tropical design

“Tropical and Moroccan themes are going to be out. These trends tend not to be long-lasting so it’s no surprise that they’ll be overtaken by the likes of Dutch House and color-blocking in 2019.”

– Nicola Croughan, Interior Designer, Blinds Direct

Like Nicola says, it’s no surprise that tropical and Morrocan looks will decline in popularity in 2019. Trends like these offer such specific aesthetics that they often don’t last long. Next year, you should be looking to trade out your tropical accessories for solid-colored items in bold hues and jewel tones.


Say goodbye to industrial design. Image: MARTIN Architects

Industrial design

“The industrial look was on the tail end this year. What we’re seeing come from this shift is clean and modern. You can style a home to be clean, modern and have a little personality and that’s why we believe we’re seeing this style preference.”  

– Debi Davis, Owner, Debi Davis Interior Design

Though the industrial design trend has served us well over the last couple of years, again, we see tastes moving in a warmer direction. These days, instead of migrating towards starker aesthetics like industrial design, if you want to be on trend, you should take Ms. Davis’s advice and move toward styles that allow for more self-expression. Maximalism, for example, is a great way to embrace newer looks.

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