6 Ways to Get Amazing Pumpkin Menageries This Fall

Pumpkins are a powerful element in autumn decorating. They pack a colorful punch. Since they’re harvested in the fall, they make everyone think of the autumnal season. They’re also extremely versatile. It’s easy to paint pumpkins, add jeweled accents or buy different types with wild textures. And one way to make the most of pumpkins in your autumn decorating is to go for a whole menagerie of them. That way, you can work with different colors, textures and styles. And a grouping of pumpkins can serve as a whole large focal point in your fall decor. Below, you’ll find several ways to work with pumpkin menageries.

Pumpkin Menageries Porch Display

Separate your pumpkin menagerie to create balance. Image: Kirkendall Design

Add Balance to the Doorway

Pumpkin menageries work well on the porch. They add a splash of color to what tends to be a fairly neutral space. And having them on the porch sets an instant fall harvest vibe for any guests coming to your door.

The photo above shows how placing a pumpkin menagerie on either side of the door is a great way to add balance to the space. The style also does a great job of using different pumpkins with multiple sizes, colors and textures. Groups of pumpkins also pair well with other fall colors, like the bold yellow flowers and deep red and orange door wreaths.

Pumpkin Menageries Metallic Paint

Painted pumpkins add style and layers to the design. Image: Sarah Greenman

Use Multiple Colors and Textures

You can also go bolder in your colors and textures. The photo above shows how some white pumpkins combine well with bold metallic painted pumpkins. Little accents like polka dots update the traditional harvest pumpkin, making this style a good choice for chic home designs.

You can even paint one of the pumpkins a less common pumpkin color, like sage green, to add a bit of an accent. You can also use more conceptual pieces, like the twig pumpkins, for added texture. The photo also shows how easy it is to place pumpkins on shelves and in planters to get different heights for each piece.

Pumpkin Menageries Jewel Design

Add jewel accents for a chic take on the design. Image: Kirkendall Design

Go for Textured Designs

Another idea is to add jeweled designs to natural pumpkins. This is a good way to get a more updated, chic take on the look, too. These pair well with other natural elements, like the yellow flowers and twig pumpkin.

The photo above highlights another good idea for displaying pumpkin menageries. A retro produce cart is a natural choice. You can also prop up some of the elements of the design using classic wooden crates. Overall, it makes you feel like the fall harvest has just come to sell at the fair. It’s a classic country look that goes well with the fall harvest theme.

Pumpkin Menageries Stair Display

You can get creative on where you place your pumpkin menagerie. Image: Hunt Laudi Studio

Put Pumpkins in Unexpected Places

Feel free to place pumpkin menageries in creative places around the home. An example from the photo above shows how well a line of pumpkins can go under some stairs. Some accent lighting behind them can draw the eye to your harvest accent.

The photo also shows how a pumpkin menagerie can work in the most modern of spaces. The orange of the pumpkins acts as an attractive accent color in this otherwise clean, white space. The lighting behind the pumpkins keeps the display looking more modern. Yellow flowers on the table also add a complementing fall color accent.

Pumpkin Menageries Small Display

A smaller menagerie makes a great accent in a room. Image: Kirkendall Design

Go for Small Accents

Your pumpkin menagerie doesn’t have to be a giant spectacle. The photo above shows how a few pumpkins and some fall foliage on a counter can add a nice harvest accent to a room. This is an easy, attractive idea that can work on end tables, on a mantel, on a shelf or in the middle of a kitchen island, as a few examples. It’s an easy idea that you can place anywhere.

As in the photo, try to go for pumpkins with different colors and textures. That will add visual interest and help the element pop in the room. It is on the smaller side, so different colors and textures will help draw attention to the display.

Pumpkin Menageries Texture Display

Find different pumpkins and gourds for a full-textured display. Image: Julie Ranee

Use Unique Textures in Pumpkin Menageries

Have you ever looked at those weird, misshapen pumpkins in the store and wondered why anyone would ever want them? The photo above shows why. If you’re creating a pumpkin menagerie, the name of the game is texture and color. And the photo above shows how different textures, colors and shapes of pumpkins can make an eye-grabbing display. Unique pumpkins are a good idea if you’re going for a natural display that is not accented with paint or jeweled additions.

The photo above also shows how well pumpkin menageries can work on and around classic items, like the old distressed toolbox. Pumpkins also work well placed on distressed wooden furniture, as you can see in the background. It all combines for a delightfully rustic look.

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