The Best in Skeleton Decor for an Awesome Halloween

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If you’re decorating for Halloween, chances are you’re thinking of using skeleton decor. Skeletons just go with Halloween. However, there’s an art to using skeletons in your Halloween decorations. Done right, they can look creative, truly spooky and even classy. Done wrong, you end up with a tacky plastic skeleton haphazardly hung from a tree or thrown into a chair. Even worse, you could end up with one of the lame 2D cardboard skeletons. Below are some ideas for using skeleton decor in your Halloween decorations that will take your home to the next level this season.

Skeleton Décor Multicolor Design

Get a different multicolored look with this shimmery design. Image: Grandin Road

Iridescent skeleton

New this season from Grandin Road is this iridescent skeleton. Gone are the days of having to find a cheap-looking white skeleton to throw into a chair. The shimmering, multicolor design gives it a truly supernatural feel. It also makes it look more artistic, and the metallic finish makes it look more upscale.

It would work great placed into a chair, as the photo above shows. ItHe stands over five feet tall, making a good go at looking like a real, life-sized scare. You could also hang it so it looks like the skeleton is floating. It comes fully hinged for easy posing, so you could prop it standing against something. Dress it up or give it something to hold for added fun.

Skeleton Décor Jazz Time Dolls

Group your collectibles for a subtle way to use skeletons in your decor. Image: Grandin Road

Skeleton dolls

Another idea for incorporating skeletons is to work with dolls. An example is the Jazz Time skeletons from Grandin Road. This set is a handmade design from Mark Roberts. Designs like these can make fun collectibles you can display around Halloween year after year.

Because of the creative wardrobe, they make a fun, artistic addition to your home’s seasonal decor. They could work as an overall haunted theme. Or you could place them out on the mantel or other display areas as a fun, subtle addition this Halloween. A wonderful aspect of these pieces is the versatility of the design.

Skeleton Décor Black Skull

Skulls can look chic, too. Image: Target

Skeleton chic

Decorating with skulls is a classic way to get into the Halloween spirit using skeleton decor. And a great way to go upscale with that idea is this black skull with jewels on it, part of Target’s Dark Wonder Decor Collection. This is a line of indoor decorations that focuses on bringing the chic to Halloween decor. It features a darkly elegant style that’s easy to layer in your home.

And like any Halloween decor collection worth its salt, it features tons of skeleton decor items. There are skull wall hangings, a variety of skull statues and even a life-sized poseable skeleton that would look great dressed up in some gothic attire.

Skeleton Décor Plush Skull with Cat

Go plush for a cute take on using skeleton decor. Image: Target

The Hallow’s Eve Collection

Another idea for decorating with skeletons is to go cute and plush. You don’t have to always go for frights. A cuter, softer look can be great with fun Halloween styles. The piece is part of Target’s Hallows Eve Decor Collection. This line is more in the rustic chic and traditional vein. It’s a great option if you’re decorating a country style home or just looking for items that are on the cute side of things. In this collection, you’ll find adorable plush figures, a cute witch doll and classy painted pumpkins, to name a few items.

Skeleton Décor Climbing Spook

Simulate an invasion by creepy undead monsters. Image: Wayfair

Skeleton decor featuring creative placement

Here’s another fun idea for skeleton decor if you’re going for the spooky or scary side of Halloween. This skeleton is made to look like it’s climbing the walls. And the way it peers over its shoulder at people is delightfully unnerving.

This item would be great on fences or on the front door to greet trick-or-treaters. Or place it inside as part of a haunted house theme. It’s a neat way to make it look like your home is being invaded by the living dead, no matter where you choose to place it.

Skeleton Décor Realistic Painting

Anatomical paintings are an upscale way to use skeletons in your Halloween decor. Image: Anna Burles

Going artistic

You can also work skeletons into your Halloween decorating by using realistic anatomy paintings. You’ll want to look for something that’s highly realistic in the way the skeleton is depicted, like in the photo above. If it looks like it’s on parchment, all the better. That way, it appears that the skeleton drawing is out of an old anatomy book. Bonus points for subtle scientific labeling of the parts of the skeleton.

This idea allows you to use skeletons in your decor while looking artsy, scientific and classy. A neat way to use it in Halloween decor would be to go for a mad scientist party theme. You could have a skeleton painting hanging with some Frankenstein’s-monster-themed decor and faux mad scientist lab equipment. (For more ideas, check out our other tips for throwing Halloween parties.)

Are skeletons your go-to Halloween decor item, as they are for many people? What are some of the ways you’ve used them in the past?

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