The easiest skirting boards for cleaning

The easiest skirting boards for cleaning are the ones that with simple profiles, like round, square edge,  edge 2, ogee, torus, chamfered etc, basically most of the profiles with less curves, cuts, and rebates. Particularly square edge, edge 2 and round are architects and designers new favorite, because they are simple, clean, modern ( as supposed to the traditional designs) and easy to maintain. Next time, when you go to a hotel, modern restaurant or  modern apartment complex you will probably see that the skirting boards they use are those simple profiles.


The next thing is to have some sort of finish for your skirting boards. If you use MDF, add a coat of gloss finish, if you use real wood or veneered product, add some lacquers or oil them. These finishing products not only add different layers of look and texture to your skirting boards, but also give them longer wear and protect them from scratching or bumping. Particularly if you have young children, who push around their toy pushchairs or cars , or you move your furniture around and unavoidably your children or you can bump or bash into some of the skirting boards.  And most importantly, when it comes to cleaning, it far easier to get dust, grease, and other unwanted stuff off your skirting boards.