Recreate your home

Do you dream of that perfect home? You know the one with a garage and a white picket fence that looks perfect on your street. But what about the inside of your home? People spend a lot of time and money getting the outside of their homes looking just right, but forget about the fact that there is a whole lot you can do on the inside for little money to make it become transformed into something totally new. Consider white river hardwood products for your next home improvement

Our products are the best you can get in trim and moldings today. And we offer a great selection of quality hand carved items ranging from moldings, mantels, and casings to give your home that unique and beautiful look. Are you ready to transform your home? Let’s take a look at our more traditional white river molding offers.

Many of us purchase our homes because of the traditional design set that it is in. And when we do home improvement jobs we want to be able to keep with the authentic look of the home. For a more traditional look we like to use cove moldings to decorate your ceilings, beams, upper window treatments, mantels and more. And you can find all of our great white river mouldings in various sizes to fit your design needs.

Want to add more style to your home? Try using our casings on all your door and window openings to not only add style but depth and width as well. Or get creative and use the headers and caps to add architectural detail to make door and window pediments. What ever your door and window needs, we can meet them so that you can get that project accomplished. And even if you want to create authentic looking panels on your walls, our white river moulding panel moulds will surely have your guests talking for hours.

Create the perfect feeling of a cozy space by adding inner border moldings to your ceilings in those medium or large rooms, or embossed cornice molding throughout the house to create the most elegant atmospheres. Whether your tastes run towards the traditional or the more eclectic, you will be able to satisfy your needs with our designer millworks. And especially for those rooms where you mantel is your homes main centerpiece, you will find that our full surround and shelf models made out of Lindenwood will be the perfect crown to your homes’ main attribute.

What’s more, these deeply carved details are all done by master craftsmen so that you know your piece is as authentic as you can get. So don’t settle for those large do-it-yourself stores, come to a business that puts your needs first and works hard to give you only the best. Because in the end it will be our decorative millwork products of unsurpassed levels of craftsmanship that will have you become the envy of all those that surround it. So make white river millworks your only home improvement store.